Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poetic Dreams

So, I know that the most boring thing to hear or read about are people's dreams but this was just such a vivid morning dream and so weird that I had to share it.

I was sitting with two "famous" poets, one of whom looked like Yusef Kumonyakaa -- but was named something else, and Lindsay Lohan (you know, I had a better idea of how to spell Kumonyakaa's name rather than Lohan's). The poets were teaching her how to write poetry by explaining the art of cutting material. She was drawing a big symbol of "2/3" on lined notebook paper. I guess that meant to cut two-thirds of everything one writes. Maybe it's because I'm revising a lot recently and I've had to kill some parts. Who knows?

Why I dreamt about Lohan I have no idea. But if a book of her poetry comes out in the next year, does that make me a celebrity prophet? A gossip columnist Cassandra?

1 comment:

K. A. Laity said...

I don't believe it! (ha ha ha!)

Watch out for that Ajax under the sink -- I don't trust its shifty eyes.

If Lindsay Lohan writes poetry and gets it published it would not be the least of well-funded vanity projects.

Revision is a painful process. I like to put it off as long as possible, but then get totally absorbed in the process.