Monday, December 1, 2008

All this Social Networking is Wearing me out

I've revived my interest in Facebook, much to my dismay and have been busy catching up with all the friending and chatting and so forth. Probably good that I didn't do this before I left for Atlanta because I would have run myself ragged trying to see people.

As it was, I spent quality time with the family -- Turkey dinner was with my mother, sister, niece, and nephew. There was plenty to eat. Friday, we did go shopping but only because my mother needed a new washer. I ended up buying my sister an el cheapo DVD player because hers had died. We did buy that washer, but on Saturday. Did my mother really need to traumatize the salesperson when she responded to his comment that the washer would last 15 years with "it will probably outlast me." We are a morbid bunch.

Later that Saturday afternoon, I drove to Alabama (yes, you Northeasterners, one can enter that state and not die) for an Indian food buffet extravaganza. Michelle and her fiance, Jason, hosted. A great friend from my alma mater showed up and we ended up talking late into the night. It was soo good to see Brad. It's been years.

Sunday I drove back to Atlanta and relaxed at the homestead. I flew back this morning. I guess because of all the delays on Sunday, the plane was packed and I did not get bumped into first class (like I was on the way down -- the only way to travel!!).

Now, I must think about the last weeks of class. I am so behind. I hope everybody had a nice holiday!


K. A. Laity said...

Ah, pity about the lack of first class bumpage. I'm there with you on the whole being behind thing. Two more class days and finals. Whoo hoo! Of course, there's a search committee meeting tomorrow and two classes worth of papers to grade...

Mañana, mañana.

Cranky Yankee said...

I still have two WEEKS of classes and a project to finish.

Goddess, give me patience!

The Queen said...

HA - I have a miserable THREE weeks of classes to go- my life sucks more!