Monday, March 23, 2009

You take a few days off

and lose the groove of blogging. Well, I'm finally caught up with all my e-mail so let me catch all of you up on what I have been doing.

Atlanta was fun although damp and cold. Not as cold as CT but you know how it is when it rains for days and the temp is below fifty. Just gets into the bones. It didn't help that the day I arrived and the day after I left, the temp was 70 and sunny! Regardless, the flowers were starting to bloom and the grass was turning green. It was a happy sight. I can't wait for a little color around here (although I did see my first robin yesterday). My flight going down was fine but I was delayed (killed by inches) on the way back and I had planned to visit somebody in a rehab center in Framingham but I couldn't. I also did not get into first class on either flight. I was way down on the totem pole for both stuffed planes.

In Atlanta, I graded papers, read books, and ate yummy home-cooked meals -- Mom always stocks up when I'm home. My niece and nephew visited, and I was taught a new card game. However, I think my nephew (who is now 6'1'') took it easy on me. It was one of those slap-the-deck type games which, I can imagine, can turn semi-violent with the right group.

Nothing else to report. Just battening down the hatches for the end of the semester. Oh, and one trip to New Orleans in April!

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