Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blah, blah, blog

Just checking in with all you good people. I'm leading services this Friday night if anybody is around and interested. Starts at 7:30. I'm also docenting on Sunday for Victorian Days in Willi. I'm at the Conant house. I'll try to go to other houses since I know some of you will be working, too (Cheryl, are you?).

I know this is a scattered post, but anybody needs a month of Netflix, let me know. I have a free month. Hmm, what else. Oh, and Kate, send me Brad and Liz's snail mail address and I'll send you notes from Connecticut. I'll e-mail you too but I forgot before I logged off there.

Yes, I'm still alive! More structured posts (yeah, right) later. Saw Star Trek with the Queen last Saturday. Review forthcoming. And did anybody read Crumb's Genesis in this week's New Yorker? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

The AtWorkAlready Zone chimes in:

Cheryl is docenting Sunday at the C--ack! fergot name! Corner of Summit & North w/'C' on weathervane. What is addy of *Your* Victorian haus? i will be nabbing my pass tomorrow morning at Kramer MS after Mansfield Liberry Book Sale ;D

Might have comments on Crumb's "Genesis" in NEW YORKAH after i get to read--nice Daniel Clowes cover too

*gotta get back to work*

Anonymous said...

chiming CONTD.:

Its the CHAFFEE HAUS Cheryl is working at


Cranky Yankee said...

Thank you Joey for being my ventriloquist.

Yes, Wendy, I'm at the Chaffee House Sunday afternoon.

I've been hearing about a special tour Sunday at the "Rabbi's House" with lots of historic memorabilia. I faintly remember you telling me about it. Is that the house you're docenting for?

Wendy said...

Hey Cranky:

yeah, that's the one. It's on Elm street. The Conant house. I have an amazing script written by one of the members of the congregation. Good thing because I would flounder otherwise.

The Queen said...

My New Yorker is just waiting for me to descend on it!

The Rabbi's house is on my street?

Star Trek review will also be forthcoming...