Monday, January 10, 2011


It followed me here! Darn the weather! We got a healthy snowstorm, even by Connecticut standards. I'd say there's about seven inches. Before you New Englanders start to laugh at how Southerners deal with snow, just imagine this: NO snowplows, no salt or sand. Nothing. Just people driving on the road, turning snow into slush (which will then freeze). I think you would be hard pressed to get around in this environment. I'm a little shell-shocked. I wish I had my snow shovel!

I swept my walk and did have the brush for my car so it's clean. I went out briefly and it was passable. But the temps will drop. The University closed today and will be closed tomorrow. Looks like my vacation has extended.

And beware Northeast, this system is coming straight for you!

I'd have pics for you but my camera's batteries have died, and I don't know where I've stashed the recharger away! But you can looks at some pretty pictures here.

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Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Looks like the snowpocalpyse is on its way here, too. Bet you never expected the snow down there - or the Spanish Inquisition! :-)