Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yikes, I haven't been posting

...and I really should be in bed. But what the hey, I'll be home for the holiday soon and won't be able to post from there. Did you catch the Simpsons comix extravaganza this past Sunday? Fortuitously, I tuned in and caught it. Had some amusing moments although surely they could have come up with better lines for Art Spiegelman, right? Kate did point out that Alan Moore singing to his Little Lulu comic was definitely worth the price of admission.

Another amusing thing for you as you waste time at work or at home: if you remember the "Land of the Lost" and ever been in a library, check this youtube video out. It's nine seconds of silliness that made me laugh out loud.

So, I leave for home on Wednesday. My sister's birthday always falls around Thanksgiving and I finally realized the absurdity of having a full (and I mean FULL) meal and then having birthday cake. How is this possible or normal? Fortunately, I have her gift ready to go.

Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys....gobble gobble


K. A. Laity said...

Thanks to Gene I even have an MP3 of the song. And you can see most of that portion of the show at the Alan Moore Live Journal site.

Yeah, Artie deserved better lines. So did the A story, but hey. I got to hear Alan Moore sing to Little Lulu. My needs are simple.

Ugh -- have you got the sleet and freezing rain we have today? Yeesh. I hope not -- driving down to New London in this would be crappy.

Have a great time in Hot-lanta! Say hello to everyone for us!

Cranky Yankee said...

Have a good and safe trip!!!

K. A. Laity said...

And still you don't post!

How was the trip? How's the family? How're things?

Enquiring minds, etc.

Wendy said...

"and still you don't post?" Who are you? One of my Jewish relatives? :P "and still you don't write? what am I? chopped liver?" hmmm, chopped liver..... Okay, okay, will do.