Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Mad Rush....

See, this is what I was afraid of while writing a blog. I spend half my time apologizing for not writing. Yes, yes, I know. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle and now I am done with that.

I had a nice trip to Turkey Atlanta. The Logan airport was eerily sedate when I arrived there Wednesday morning. I walked right through security (lucky, they didn't see me!). The flight was also easy with the only empty seat on the plane between me and the guy on the exit row. Nice snooze time (how I envy the QOE's ability to sleep anywhere. My mother can do that too. How do you do it??) My mother picked me up at the busiest airport in the world, complaining about all the amateurs who only go there once a year. We got all our fighting done in the car ride home and were able to sublimate any feelings with food. She baked a coconut cake and an apple pie. Tons of homemade dressing and she went on a challah baking binge after taking a class (loaves of challah, challah rolls, she even made cinnamon rolls out of challah). Then on Friday we had birthday cake for my sister. I am still full.

My sister and her kids came over for Thanksgiving and afterwards we played some cards (and fought some more -- apparently neither my sister nor my niece know how to bid correctly). Then, since there was a "thanks for the movies" marathon on some channel (TCM? AMC?) we watched Rear Window and then Psycho, classic holiday fare, nu? My mother had actually seen all of Hitchcock's movies in the theatre and she was cleaning up and trying to get out of the room before the shower scene. I can only imagine what it had been like to see that for the first time in 1960. I also don't know why after watching Rear Window that I am always surprised how wonderfully sick Hitchcock is. It's like watching Freud on screen.

Friday, the kids stayed over and we had the aforementioned birthday and then went to the movies. Everybody wanted to see something different but I bullied everybody into seeing something I thought everybody would enjoy -- the Bee Movie.

It was okay.

Too bad the kids had already seen Beowulf with my sister (who did not enjoy it at all), but my nephew could not wrap his mind around the fact that Beowulf was a long poem. He didn't believe me. Guess what he's getting for Christmas??? (he's thirteen now and TALLER than me? My poor niece is the shortest one in the family, still holding out hope at seventeen that she will have a growth spurt -- poor dear).

Saturday, I went out with friends to Dave and Busters and even though it was crazy busy with people sick of their own families, we managed to have a good time. How can you not with a well-stocked bar in the middle of an arcade? (There's one in Providence, I believe; anyone up for a road trip?)

I returned Monday night into a warm, foggy night in Boston. Thank goodness that I had an aisle seat because it was one of those flights where you don't see the ground until you've touched down. I finally made it home to kitty snuggling. Pumpkin was so happy to see me that she nearly rolled off the couch. I had to catch her.

Then the mad dash of school. Just work, work, work. You know how it is when the students look like they are barely hanging on and need to talk? Well, that's what I have been doing instead of blogging.

This past Friday night, I led services at the synagogue. Our rabbi has been on sabbatical and the lunatics are running the insane asylum. QOE and Johnny 10x showed up (thanks!!!) and we went out for a nightcap afterwards. Faye showed up and brought a person I hadn't seen in a long time -- what a nice surprise. Things went smoothly. I only skipped one part of the service by accident (you know, the eucharist -- no, really, some other small part which bummed me because I had practiced it that day). And I gave a sermon -- pretty neat, right? And it was all academic and stuff since my medieval training led me to look at the "original." And students look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them to write five pages. Hey, I just wrote a couple pages on ONE word -- gosh I'm cool.

The title of this blog is very correct since I, indeed, have written this in a mad rush.


Cranky Yankee said...

QOE & Johnny 10X went to your synagogue? Wow! That's cool.

If you don't mind a Pagan in the house, let me know when you're leading another service. Despite having a step-parent who was Jewish, I've never step foot in a synagogue.

K. A. Laity said...

Wish I could have been there to see it. We'd gladly attend to have a chance to see your temple. I don't think I've been in one since childhood.

We got all our fighting done in the car ride home and were able to sublimate any feelings with food.

That seems very wise! Of course the food sounds great. Mmmm, I'm feeling full just hearing about it.

I swear there was a Doug and Buster's downtown here but maybe not. There is a Jillian's which is about the same thing.

Our mad rush is almost over -- Mahar's Thursday to prove it! Just finals next week. And this week my freshman class are presenting their medieval dramas, creative writing is workshopping, and we have a film left to see and Margery Kempe to discuss in the upper division course.

You gotta see Beowulf! Just for the craptastic laughs.

Wendy said...

Cranky and Kate:

It would be awesome if you could come. The next date is Friday, January 4. Anybody up for it? Pagans are warmly welcome, of course.

Kate: good luck with finals, etc. Sounds like a very busy week for you. Our last class is a week from tomorrow.

K. A. Laity said...

Jan 4 won't work for me, because I'll be away, but keep us informed of upcoming dates!

Good luck to you for finals -- the stress is almost over.


The Queen said...

The ability to sleep on public transportation was instilled in me as as a young queen.....

Yes, we will be there for the Jan. 4th service, too! Just remind me, because...zzzzzzz....