Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The time -- she is a'flying

[insert typical "I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged!"] Okay, so I've been pretty busy. Last week I was in San Fran with Miss Kate and Mr Gene. Much fun and vodka was had. We were blessed by extraordinary weather. Sunny and seventy. Isn't that bliss. And we had lots of yummy food (we serve both kinds of food -- Japanese and Korean). No, really, it's a joy to be in a place with excellent Asian food. Even the food court in the mall around the corner was excellent. Our last night, we went to a Japanese place and we thought we were so smart because there was a Japanese couple eating there. Turns out that they were tourists (maybe Kate has already blogged about this), marveling over the fact that we could use chopsticks. I'm sure I will talk more about this trip later -- like the Asian Art museum fun Kate and I had (how MANY Buddhas do you see in this picture? Where's Buddha? I'll enlighten you -- har-de-har -- it's too late, I'm being silly)

Oh, yeah, my paper(s) went well. I was especially happy with my last minute parody paper. Kate and Gene's guffaws bolstered my humor and emboldened and embiggened me. I only wish I had written it down. My paper, like others on the panel, came dangerously close at times to making sense. That's because none of us had read the silly Korvac sequence when it originally came out like some fanboys.

One amusing animal encounter to report. After the redeye back Monday night and fighting over the armrest with my new "friend" for six hours, I finally got back to the cold and to my car at Logan Express. As I walked up, I saw a little chipmunk go running under my car and up into the undercarriage. Why are these little creatures following me? I beeped the horn a couple times and drove away, praying that I was not carrying a little furry corpse across state lines. Good thing I was so tired and had to concentrate on the road so I wouldn't kill myself to worry about Chip and/or Dale.

In other news, I took the cadet bowling club to West Point this Sunday. It was a long day but we were triumphant! My little freshman whipped on the upperclass Army guys. I feel so proud. I told them I was going to find a trophy of a bear bowling to give to them (that's our mascot).

And in other good news, before I turn to the poor. My paper was accepted at Mechademia AND I'm teaching the graphic novel course in LA this summer (that's six long weeks on the West Coast, and, as Kate has pointed out to me, three weeks in the Valley, like totally fer sure). More on this later.

And in bad news, I took Boo boo to the vet for her yearly checkup and she has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This means daily medicine for the rest of her life, or surgery, or she could go radioactive for a couple days as they kill the bad cells. This may or may not have the side effect of superpowers. I think I'm opting for surgery. The vet assured me that he has done a lot of these (there are more cases diagnosed in humans and in cats lately and nobody knows why) so I'm hoping to have it done during one of the windows when I'm not traveling. First, she must get her medicine -- tuna-flavored liquid. I did not savor the idea of force-feeding a pill. Apparently, with this disease, she will get hyperactive (and overeat and lose weight -- go figure).

I think everybody is caught up now. I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things (like I saw Jill while I was in San Fran - which was great).

Ta ta for now.


Cranky Yankee said...

Poor Boo...I'm sure she'll be okay.

Did you say Hi to Jill for me?

And Sandy is looking for you...did she get in touch with you yet?

Tag..you're it!

K. A. Laity said...

Poor Booboo -- as a long sufferer of thyroid disease, I sympathize. Although I have the opposite, hypothyroidism, which makes me sluggish and hibernate-y. Still I wonder, as I said on the phone, why can they cure it in cats and not humans?!

I think the best moment from the Asian Art Museum was looking up at the damaged sculpture and saying, "My Buddha has no head!" knowing you would answer, "How does he smell?" The rest of you can fill in the final piece of that perfect sutra and attain bliss.

That's because none of us had read the silly Korvac sequence when it originally came out like some fanboys.

Huh, fanboys!

This may or may not have the side effect of superpowers.

I look forward to world peace achieved through the power of Super-Boo!

A. Hunt said...

Oh no, poor Boo! What implications will this have for the uneasy Boo/Pumpkin detente?

Wendy said...

Thanks for the well-wishes.
Cranky: I did say hi to Jill for you and she was very happy to be thought of!

Kate: Boo would never use her powers for peace. It will be to destroy Pumpkin

Hey A. Hunt! Boo is just now more hyperactive. Pumpkin doesn't stand a chance.