Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting Lost

I have a pretty good sense of direction, yet whenever I head out to a new place (or even a place that I haven't been to in a while), I'll get turned around once or twice. However, I always find my way back. This happens in Boston. On Friday, I attended one day out of a longer conference which was taking place near the Prudential Center. I wasn't driving, and I didn't bother to print out directions. My ride had done that. After a quick look at them while on the road, I thought to myself "hmm, this doesn't look right." And sure enough, once we took the exit off the pike, I had to ditch the printout all together and just wing it. She didn't have another map and Googlemaps had just little, tantalizing windows of streets. Still, I was able to get us there.

Why does this always happen to me in Boston? I have long since sworn that I will never pick up anyone again from Logan because once exiting the airport I am faced with a choice of two ramps and I pick the wrong one, every damn time. I even have that pause when I think "oh, yeah, I always take the wrong one" and then I'm lost in merging traffic.

And those stupid little turnpike signs which will lead me along the merry path like a will 'o wisp and then just abandon me until I'm wondering where is that damn pilgrim hat? (and don't ask pedestrians because they will LIE to you).

I suppose this is because Miss Kate used to drive us into Cambridge all the time and I didn't really have to learn. Still, once I manage to find Storrow drive, I'm so happy. Last time I personally drove into the city, Alex and I almost got smooshed by a semi making a wide turn. We both yelped and found god.

On the return from my one-day conference, I rode back with another person who, thankfully, knew Boston much better than I did -- although even she had to make one u-turn. She decided to look for the Trader Joe's in Cambridge so she could note its place for future trips. Though she apologized, I told her "no, no. That's okay. I find Boston traffic relaxing." She missed the sarcasm.


K. A. Laity said...

HA HA HA HA! Yes, Boston driving requires nerves of steel and a willingness to bend "rules" (as non-Bostonians call them) at a moment's notice while feigning ignorance.

Then there's parking... but we won't get into that.

Since the Big Dig, things have become a bit easier airport-wise and it's still less trouble than getting to JFK.

Cranky Yankee said...

Yeah! Isn't Boston great??!!

That's why I always thank the gods for public transportation...even if it's the T.

Alex said...

Hey, remember that time we were looking for the 6-inch square Mass Pike sign that was 10 feet up a pole, upside-down and backwards? I DO

I drove to Boston in March and nearly wept--Google Maps and Mapquest both lied to me. Thankfully I had looked at a map earlier and remembered that the hotel I needed was sort of near Boston Common, so after doing some concentric laps of the area I found what I needed to. Goddamn Boston, although thank God for helpful sandwich shop guys. (And also thank God I wasn't wearing my Giants sweatshirt.)

Wendy said...


I don't remember it because I think you were the only one who saw it. Thank god you were a passenger!

Kate: next time I go to Boston, I will make sure that you are driving.

cranky: tell me about it. Although I don't think the T is all that great. I much prefer NYC's system (or the Tube!)