Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, it's the "idea of order"

I'm not like one of those fancy pants bloggers who blogs on the day or week as the event happens. No, I like to let things simmer and percolate so it rises to the top until I feel I must talk about it. Perhaps this comes from a deep-seated, postmodern need for skepticism.

Well, I want to tell you about a trip I took a month ago when Bill was in town. You know, it's nice when there is someone new to show around. I end up doing touristy things I hadn't gotten around to doing. For instance, though I lived in Atlanta many years, I have never made it to some of the attractions there -- the CNN center, Underground, Coca-cola museum, etc. But I took Bill around New London in October and after a tour of the Academy which was nice and quiet (except for one of my students in the Watch office working on a paper), we went to the bustling streets of the city. Much to my surprise the Academy's tall ship, Eagle (a WWII reparations gift from the land of the Deutsch) was not only in port, but also open for tours. Unfortunately, I didn't know anyone working on the ship -- mostly enlisted folk whom I could not prevail upon to see the bilges (ooh, bilges). But it was really cool. I have wistfully thought about signing on as a chaperone just so I could lose any shred of dignity I ever had by having my students watch me heave the last bits of my lunch during the heaving seas. Here, I share some cool pics that Bill took with his cell phone.Quite arty, no? He forgot to take a pic of the entire ship so here is one I nabbed off of the CGA site:
As pretty as a jigsaw puzzle! Fortunately as we boarded the seas were rather calm and the tide was reasonably high. That is, the gangway was not crazy steep, although one had to go carefully up. There were cool little plaques that explained the things that we were seeing. If only I had blogged right afterward, I might have remembered some details to share with you. Oh, the irony. I'll have to ask Bill.


Cranky Yankee said...

Oh, too bad Bill didn't get a picture of you leaning over the rails! haha!

Is it really that easy for you to get seasick? (Probably about as easy as me having a nervous breakdown on a plane).

K. A. Laity said...

Arrr -- you just need a little time and you'll get your sea legs. After you vomit the first few hours, it gets better.

Wendy said...

Actually I do not get seasick. I have been tested under fairly rough seas and am pretty good. It's just a fact, based on the stories I've heard around here, that sometimes the water can get so rough that EVERYBODY gets sick. I would imagine that would happen.