Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodness, I'm Beat!

It's been a very, very long week. What with the first day of teaching and meetings and ice and parties, and visitors. Most of it has been great (parties and visitors and a little teaching), but I'm kinda glad to be snowed in tonight so I can rest up.

Let me review Friday since that was the highlight. I woke early -- for me -- 8 am, so I could pick up an extra cake for Faye's retirement. We were concerned that the other cake (that feeds 120) would not be enough. I bought it from Motta's on Route 6. I love to buy from them because I want to keep them in business. I carefully brought it to the car on the ice-slicked parking lot. The container must have opened slightly because the entire car smelled of sugar as I drove down to New London.

Then I taught at 1050 which was my Lit class. It went well although I was in a classroom with a computer I couldn't log into. Whoops! So, while they were working on poetry madlibs, I dashed to my office, dashed to the copier, and fired off the poems with the correct words in them. Then we talked about poetry in class. I have a few familiar faces this semester which is nice. After that, I went with a colleague to pick up the mega-cake. Kate took pics which I hope she will post. I'll link to them when she does. After bringing it to the reception hall, I decided to stick around and help set up. This meant I missed lunch and the speech from a big speaker at 1:00 (hence my 1:00 class was cancelled). I begged some food off of a neighbor across the hall from me (who mocked me when I yelled if she had any food -- she's many months pregnant. Of course she has food). Then I taught my 2:25 class. I only kept them for an hour but I already assigned the first paper.

I met up with Kate and Gene at the auditorium (also ran into my friend, Susan, and her daughter, Leah). We rushed inside because it was freakin' cold.

I would take the time now to talk about the fantastic ceremony but I'm just too pooped to create anything that would come near to capturing the event. I'll save that for next time. And I promise I will!

(spoiler: I did finally get to eat).


apea said...

now I am just a gossip hog, is Coleen pregnant? Please congratulate her for me! Oh how I miss the garden level! And good for Faye!

K. A. Laity said...

Mmmmmmm, cake!

Wendy said...

apea: Yes, Colleen is pregnant and will pass on all the congratulations. If you want all the dirt on the department -- feel free to e-mail me (or not, if you don't :P). wdgoldberg(at) I don't have your address.