Friday, January 2, 2009

Need Creative Folk Help

So, in my previous post I said I decided to start an anime and manga blog. I was poised to do so when I was stymied by the name. Hmm. Any you creative folk out there think of something unique and fun?

My plan for the blog is kinda what Gene does for comics -- post news and reviews, etc. Since I come across a lot of anime and manga news I thought it would be a nice repository for myself and others.


Anonymous said...

The monicker Zone suggests:

1) Sailor Wendy's Cel Sushi
2) MangaMunch'n'Brunch
3) Ani...Maybe or Maybe Not
4) My Credit Rating--Your Entertainment

K. A. Laity said...


Wasabi Central

All Roads Lead to Japan

My Ancestors are Drawing ;-)

Wendy said...

Oh I like the Wasabi one (and the Ani Maybe... hee hee).

My Credit Rating is also certainly true.

I fear all the great names have been taken:

Animazement, Mechademia, etc.

But you've given me some inspiration!

Jeremy said...