Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new house!

I posted these to Facebook but since the blog has been malingering, I thought I would post here as well.

The front of my little house. It's a complex of similar-looking places. Not much yard. You can see the tiny patio on the side.

The kitchen. It's open to the living room area.

Eat-in kitchen. There is a full washer and dryer through those doors.

View of the living room. Front door to the left. Flooring is dark gray ceramic tiles.
Another view of the living room. That's the door to the patio. This is the model house so the furniture, sadly, does not come with it.

Vaulted ceilings. Each room has a ceiling fan which should cut down on the cooling costs.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Two bedrooms have en suite bathrooms and there is one in the hallway. I'm not bothering to post all the bedroom pics because they are pretty much the same. So, I'll have my room, a guest room, and an office! There's room for visitors! And the kitties will have their own bathroom!

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Kurt Palen said...

Hmm... your new home looks lovely. Guess you have everything you need in this house. You even have a room for guests, which is rare in houses. And the most surprising thing I've seen here is definitely the bathroom for the kitties.