Monday, July 12, 2010


It's hot here in MISSISSIPPI (gotta get used to typing that -- I sing it in my head. Unlike saying conNECT-icut in my head) but so what else is new? It's funny how the body just remembers the heat. Is that like muscle memory? But I hear it was much, much hotter up north. Have things settled down up there?

I had planned a more organized blog post about the adventures of my trip down here. But a quick summary --
--cats have recovered from the trauma and are back to normal
--I have recovered from the trip
--my friendship with pal, Michelle, who made the trip with me seems intact
--Radio highlight of the trip -- a call-in swap shop-- Sorta like a aural Craigslist but less smutty -- in Tennessee between Memphis and Nashville about an item that's good for training your coon dog. (didn't catch what it was exactly).

More details to follow as I pull them from the depths of repression.


Cranky Yankee said...

It had reached over 100 degrees up here...and high humidity on top of that.

Even my poor snake was hot and curled up next to an icepack I put in his tank.

Wendy said...

Poor snakie! Now that I have some nifty tile floors, the cats just sprawl on them. But central air and ceiling fans definitely help. I'm sometimes cold.

Cooled off now?

K. A. Laity said...

I bought AC -- that's how bad it was. Mostly for Kipper, but I admit to it feeling good in my study now.