Tuesday, February 19, 2008

West Coast Wendy??

I've been looking at online stuff about Alaska all night. My eyes are melting. There are just too many choices in this world and now my sister wants to join us (which introduces an entirely, new level of planning because of many factors). Enough of that. I don't want to think about what I want to do in Alaska (but if my mother drags me to a canning factory, I will freak out. I just want to relaaaaxxx).

Now, my schedule is never as busy as Miss Kate's, but get a load of this. I will transversing the US three times in two months. In May, to K'zoo (which is NOT West Coast but it is west -- Miss Kate, shall we plan? I see cheap flights now) then a week later for the cruise (either we will fly into Vancouver or Anchorage). Then if I get my summer teaching gig (maybe both sessions), I'll be in L.A. from June-August. That is just too wacky. I must spend a good portion of my income just on airfare.

I do have to say, to get back to my online travel planning, that the idea of taking a freighter around the world sounds really tempting. (yeah, you can do that. Looks awesome).


K. A. Laity said...

Is there any point in Miss Kate swearing that she really is meaning to cut back on travel -- or should she just accept her wanderlust?

Yes, by all means let's think about Kazoo. Of course I still need to get the tix for SF. You were fooled by my planning ahead for the hotel and all. SW has some specials.

Kazoo we just have to be sure to leave late enough on Sunday that we don't have to worry about getting there after my Sunday morning panel (argh!).

Around the world on a freighter sounds like a good start for a travel book!

The Queen said...

I'm there for the freighter cruise! That sounds just perfect!

Unless, of course, it's just a ruse to sell us into white slavery....