Monday, May 5, 2008

Anybody want Netflix?

I have a free month to give to somebody (maybe two) so if you wanted to try out Netflix, then I'll pass it on to you. If you are behind on your movie watching then this is a great opportunity to catch up.

Positives about Netflix: awesome catalog. I've watched some really obscure, hard-to-find things. Shipping is generally pretty quick and I've only had a few hiccups with them.

Negatives: to get the month, you do have to sign up for the service and provide a CC or whatever. They recommend films based on what you watch and rate, but they aren't always the best (though some gems have popped up). Though they say "unlimited" plans, they really are limited because after a certain number of rentals a month, they slow down shipments. However, I estimate that I pay about 2 dollars a rental and that's on a busy month with me not able to watch movies every night.

So, let me know :)

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