Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'd be much happier WITH the dollar

The title of this post is a Simpson's quote. Free stuff to the person who gets it and cites the relevance to this post.

I had a false start to this day. The first came when my phone rang and through my grogginess, I listened to the message. It was an automated one from the town alerting me to the fact that there was an overturned tractor trailer on Route 6 and that the road was being shut down. I rolled over and looked at the clock 6:30???? Really? Freakin's 6:30 in the morning. I had a half a mind (still being asleep) to make an angry phone call back. But I was angry and sleepy so I fell back to bed.

True morning arrived and I dithered around the house for a bit. I had a car full of boxes to be shipped to the recycling place in Missouri, and they needed to be gone so I could fill the car with more stuff to recycle. After further dithering (did you know there is a new Let's Make a Deal show, yeah, I didn't either and upon further exploration of what the web has to offer on this game show, I stumbled upon the classic three door conundrum of "The Monty Hall Problem." And no, it wasn't because of his personal life.) Anyway, I rushed to the post office, looking for a spot close by because I had three 30 pound boxes (and many thanks to Bernie who helped me take them down to my car) and who should I see but Perilous Cheryl herself! Out for her noontime post office visit. She was under the impression that I had left already but seemed pleased that I was still in town. I told her I was giving away lots of stuff (take the box! Take the BOX!). She indicated that cartoons would be an acceptable offering. Lo and behold, I flipped open my trunk and there was a box of videos that I was going to dump in a donation box later today (what with them being legal and all, not fansubs). I felt a camaraderie with purveyors of goods that fell off a truck!

Deal done (although I still have the tapes -- I know where you live!), I went into the post office where Joe, my pal, gave me a dolly to push my boxes. Media mail was not expensive and I walked out feeling smug about my green-ness. Back to the apartment where I awaited two gentleman callers to do heavy lifting. Ken arrived and because the day was muggy, we decided to put in the A.C. which can be a little tricksy. (A.C is for sale, but not until I move out. I want to get rid of stuff but I'm not stupid). Then Leigh showed up. Leigh took back the four chairs that he had loaned me several years ago. He also got Kate's Hello Kitty planter with plant (for Ro). (Anybody want a plant?). Ken helped me take the rest of my computer down to the car.

Then the grand road trip. First a stop at the movers with some more questions. Then to Best Buy where they took my dinosaur of a computer. I shopped for a hard drive case but could not find one that I felt I wanted to buy. I drooled over the televisions (avert your eyes!!) and then we dumped videos in the bin. Lunch/dinner at Panera Bread. Then to Petco to return the leash/harness set I had purchased thinking I would train Boo to use it. Ha ha! I looked at kennels but ended up with Feliway spray instead. Then since Ken is an aficionado of malls, we went to Crystal Mall and walked around. There is a huge comic book/action figure/vintage video game systems store there. If you ever wanted an action figure. There is where you can find it. Ken was in heaven. I asked if there was a Mandarin Spawn figure since mine had been decapitated (many of my figures end up that way), and he told me that those are a hot item. Even out of the box, 60 bucks. Damn! So, more looking. I saw a pink bunny mecha kit which looked like fun and should set a cool statement in my office but decided to pass (too much work). However, I was tempted by a Big Barda figure in one of the cases. Since we had spent so much time asking so many questions, both of us felt we should buy something. And, it has been a long time since I got a new action figure.

The guy, being a good salesmen, asked if I wouldn't want to buy Mister Miracle, her husband. Ken had to laugh because he knew what I was going to say "she doesn't need a man." So, she will join my shrine to female superheroes. If only I could find the Valkyrie and Hellcat (aka Patsy Walker).


Cranky Yankee said...

Thanks for the videos!!!
I'll come and pick them up soon. I just have the Victorian tours to deal with this weekend.

K. A. Laity said...

Heya -- missing the excitement! I would be helping you move if I weren't across the ocean... surely I would.